Welcome to Essential Strengths

I’m Suzanne Samson and my company, Essential Strengths Coaching and Consulting, works with individuals, couples, business partnerships and work teams around the world.

My company was called Abri Co for almost a decade.   It was a name that worked well for that period of time, combining  an acronym for the processes I used most frequently with the French word for shelter — a reflection of my commitment to creating a space where individual clients could reflect and practice new skills in both awareness and action. But as I completed training and certification in coaching couples, business partnerships, work teams and other relationships, my work outgrew the name and in 2011, I changed it to Essential Strengths Coaching and Consulting.

Essential has two meanings here. First, of course, it means “vital” or “indispensable” — something that’s necessary to get where you want to go. It also conveys the sense of “inherent”, with a connotation of “perfect” and “complete”. Both of these meanings inform my work with clients. I am a pragmatist, so I focus on what will create the biggest difference. And I have a gift for sensing patterns — so I’m always alert to what is trying to emerge in order to create a more complete or perfect expression of the individual or group I’m working with.

Strengths may seem an obvious choice for the name, but all too often, clients focus energy on what is lacking, what they don’t want. I maintain a gentle but relentless focus on what is possible. If a goal isn’t being reached, it’s possible to bridge some of the gap by learning new skills or changing patterns of thought and action, but there is also always a strength or set of strengths that is being overlooked.  Identifying those strengths and unleashing them creates powerful momentum toward  — and beyond — your goals.

I work with clients in person at their location, an offsite location of their choice or, if they are close by, in my peaceful office overlooking a canyon in North Berkeley.  Sessions can also be scheduled by phone or by Skype.