Meet Suzanne

Kwan Yin statue outside my Berkeley office

I’m a synthesizer at heart — never happier than when putting things together in a new way.  As a child, I would play for hours in my neighborhood brook, creating elaborate dam systems of twigs, rocks and any nearby man-made material, shifting them endlessly to watch the impact on the water flow.  As a college student, I focused on interdisciplinary courses, realizing that my true interest was the relationship between (or among) different fields, the places where connections hadn’t yet been explored.  This lead to a double major in History of Religion and International Relations as an undergraduate at Vassar, followed by a masters degree in Public Policy from UC Berkeley. And my two careers have given me endless opportunities to draw from a variety of sources to create solutions that are unique to the issues at hand.

I spent 30 years in the financial services industry before becoming a coach.  A mortgage banker who never made a sub-prime loan, I’m proud to have enabled people to buy houses they could afford, ones that made better schools and safer environments available to their families.  And I loved the challenge of bringing together the pieces required for them to achieve their dream of home ownership — education, technology, finance, customer service.

I have been both an owner in various entrepreneurial start-ups and an executive in the large corporations that purchased them.  Holding every position from receptionist to President, I was constantly puzzled by why development seemed to come easily to some employees and managers and was so difficult for others.  Most of my training has been a quest to find answers to that question – and to identify tools that can be customized to individual styles, allowing people to move more comfortably into what is trying to emerge in their lives and/or businesses.

Cassie, the Coach Dog

Iris in my front garden

A pragmatist by nature and a visionary by choice, I relish bringing my experience as a business owner to my work with teams, as an entrepreneur to my work with small business partnerships, and as a wife of 24 years whose marriage ended in a creatively mediated divorce to my work with couples. The enormous learning and fulfillment from parenting my 31 year old daughter adds depth to almost every aspect of what I do. My work with both individuals and relationship systems reflects both my own dedication to personal and relationship development in my life and my deep commitment to honoring what’s trying to emerge in others.