Business Partnership Coaching

Who I work with:

Suzanne Samson Sea-Ranch-Hedgerow

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If you own a business with a friend or partner, you’ve probably experienced challenges like these:

– it’s difficult to know when you’re being friends and when you’re being business partners

– things you’ve always done for the business are starting to make you feel resentful

– you know that all businesses go through hard times, and you don’t have agreements about how you’ll work together when that happens to you

– the needs of the business are changing and your partnership isn’t changing along with them

My training in coaching relationships as systems (see Training and Experience) provides a wide variety of tools for developing practical skills in:

– structuring your partnership to flourish in both good and difficult times

– designing your own approach to shifting responsibilities based on changes in your business AND in your personal development

– developing skills to know which differences to manage and which to resolve – and how to do each in a way that supports you as business people and friends/partners

How We Work Together:

In addition to my relationship systems training, I bring my love for small entrepreneurial businesses to the table.  I’m proud and grateful to still be close friends with my former business partners; and it would have been MUCH easier with the tools I have now. I feel deep satisfaction from combining approaches that will make it easier for others.  Each tool I use or create is tested against my own bank of personal experience and then adapted to the unique needs of the client.

We start with a simple but powerful “designed alliance”.  People who have worked together for years are often startled by what is revealed when we use this structured approach to consciously create a new foundation for the partnership..

Next we put the business in context – reviewing the wins and learning from past phases and projecting what you want to create into the future.  This context is dramatically missing in most consulting approaches to “strategic planning” and is why most resulting plans gather dust on a shelf.  I focus on what makes your partnership thrive – so you can focus on creating the business you want.

And third, we identify current and projected “hot spots” and work with you to align yourselves behind an approach to managing or resolving them.  As part of this step, I’ll be assessing areas where shifts in your communication can enable you to take on much or all of the future resolution yourselves.