Executive Coaching

Who I work with:

Entrance to the Bayon, Cambodia

Being an executive can be a lonely experience:

– it’s hard to know whether the feedback you receive from subordinates is unbiased

– challenges of today’s volatile business environment make “work/life balance” a distant dream, if not an outright oxymoron

– personal development goals for yourself and your staff get sacrificed to other demands and deadlines

I work with executives and entrepreneurs to resolve these issues, restore their sense of purpose, strengthen their skills, and achieve their most important business and personal goals.

How we work together:

As a former executive and entrepreneur (see Meet Suzanne), I have a pragmatic sense for what strategies will be most successful in a wide variety of business environments.  And as someone who parented a toddler during my own most challenging entrepreneurial start-up, I’m especially adept at working with work/life balance issues.

We start with an exploration of your goals and an assessment of your strengths.  I often use the same inventories of strengths that I use in individual coaching (see sidebar in Individual Coaching).  For clients who prefer a more structured approach, I’m a certified administrator of the Hay Group’s Emotional and Social Competency Inventory, a 360 review that provides an outstanding measure of where you stand now in relation to your leadership goals.  It measures specific aspects of social and emotional intelligence (based on Daniel Goleman’s model) that are essential to success in today’s rapidly changing global markets.

Following the initial assessment, we structure a program that is unique to your needs, using tools that are specific to your goals.  Given the rapid changes experienced in today’s businesses, we review these goals quarterly to ensure that we’re working in the areas that will have the greatest payback for you.  I use the Coactive Coaching™ model and, since you are working in a relationship system, I also draw on tools from the Organization and System Relationship Coaching (ORSC™) model developed by the Center for Right Relationship (CRR).

Some clients focus their attention almost exclusively on professional goals and relationships, while others choose a blend of executive coaching and individual coaching.