Related Services

Because of the depth and scope of my business experience, I often am requested to provide additional services before or after a coaching engagement. The three most common ones are:

Meeting Facilitation

Meetings of staff at any level are both an opportunity and expense for any organization.  Having a trained systems coach to help design your agenda and actually facilitate the meeting maximizes the return on your investment by:

-ensuring that communication is clear and productive

-managing conflict to allow new ideas to come forward

-providing a new perspective on your group’s strengths and “stuck points”


Coaching includes aspects of experiential learning, but there are almost always areas (most frequently conflict management, communication and adapting to change) where the learning requires practice to fully reinforce the new skills. Training provides that practice. Receiving training from a coach who is familiar with your company’s culture and how it is changing greatly enhances the value of that training.  I have worked directly as a trainer with teams and groups and as a “train the trainer” with HR and training departments developing programs that can be administered by your existing personnel.


Unlike coaching, which assumes that the answers lie within the client, consulting covers areas where I have specific expertise that can leverage an organization’s ability to meet it’s goals. My wide variety of business experience (see Meet Suzanne) enables me to contribute specific expertise in strategic planning, training, communication and other areas.