Coach Mentoring

Who I work with

Saiho-ji, Kyoto

Many of my clients are also coaches, and some have expanded our coaching to include mentoring their coaching skill development.   Just as I customize coaching tools for clients, I create mentoring programs that meet the individual needs of the individual coach, including:

–  assistance with workshop design

–  suggestions of alternate tools and approaches for specific client situations

–  general design of strategies for handling client-related issues (cancellations, slow paying clients, clients who don’t complete assignments, clients that trigger the coach’s own issues)

–  review and discussion of taped client sessions

–  practice coaching with me as a mock client in preparation for certification or to practice skills for handling a challenging client situation.

How we work together

One of my favorite parts of the first few years of my coaching career was designing and teaching a program in coaching skills at my hypnotherapy school. I found that student questions improved my own coaching by making me think through the reasons that certain approaches worked in specific client situations. As a result of this teaching experience, I’ve become adept at explaining techniques to coaches/clients in a way that matches their learning style. I’ve always loved seeing a look of new understanding unfold on someone’s face, so it’s not surprising that mentoring has become a favorite part of my practice.

As a mentor, I design a unique program with each coach, depending on his/her individual needs. The structures I’ve used have included:

– focusing completely on mentoring for a period of time (then moving back to coaching)

– alternating between coaching sessions and mentoring sessions

– dividing individual sessions between coaching and mentoring

And as a dedicated synthesizer, I’m open to other possibilities to create a mentoring program tailored to your individual needs and goals as a coach.