Individual Coaching

Who I work with

Hide Village Well, Takayama

Do you see yourself in any of these statements?

– The practices that have provided growth for you in the past are no longer creating the change you’re yearning for.

– You’re connecting all of the dots that you’re aware of, but something’s missing — you’re wondering if there may be pieces of the pattern you haven’t seen yet.

– You spend more time than you’d like in worry, internal analysis and debate.

– You’re struggling, but you don’t seem to be getting any closer to achieving your goals.

Most of my individual clients come to me because they feel a combination of “I’m stuck” and “Something’s missing”. Their old practices aren’t moving them where they want to go next. They want a customized set of tools that will open new possibilities, ones that will allow them to connect more authentically to others – and to themselves.

My clients often want to learn how to:

– work effectively with an inner critic voice

– achieve greater intimacy in relationships

– handle conflict with co-workers, friends or family members

– effectively communicate and manage boundaries

– transform an “empty nest” into a lush, fulfilling  life

In these and many other areas, they yearn to shift from “stuck/something missing” to a feeling that they’re creating a fulfilling path that moves them forward toward their dreams.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, I’d love to explore coaching with you (see Contact).

How we work together

Burmese Abhaya Buddha

As your coach, I will create customized tools that allow you to:

– reframe your goals so they are connected to your deepest  values

– activate core strengths that you either overlook or use in a unfocused way

– neutralize the impact of inner critics and limiting beliefs that hold you back

We start with a two hour discovery session that focuses on your 3 top goals, an inventory of your strengths and a group of questions that give me a sense of how change happens for you. Clients often state goals in terms of what they don’t want. Shifting to understanding what they DO want and exploring what the experience of achieving it would be like opens new possibilities.

We then create a customized program that matches your goals, your learning style and where you are ready to expand. My training in hypnotherapy gives me strong skills in identifying and unfolding the personal symbols that accelerate change, whether they are images, sounds, gestures or memories.  So for some clients, sessions revolve around identifying and shifting the inner experience. For others who prefer a more linear style of change, we focus on the  design, practice, and refinement of new approaches to specific situations related to their goals.

Clients consistently comment that I create an environment that makes it safe to explore areas they’ve avoided.  I take great care to keep a balance between opening new possibilities and strengthening skills in choosing among them, so that clients feel a sense of momentum. I love the experience of watching them move beyond limiting beliefs to embrace what is ready to emerge in their lives.