Related Services

Often clients will want to supplement their coaching work with other complementary services. Below are some of the other services I offer to support your development.

Suzanne Samson Chora-Church-Istanbul

Chora Church, Istanbul

Hypnotherapy:  I’m a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and I integrate many aspects of hypnotherapy in my coaching, including a focus on positive language, attention to the processing style of the client and a deep belief that we can change patterns of thought by building and practicing different thought patterns, just as we would strengthen a set of muscles by training at a gym.  I can provide focused hypnotherapy on a wide range of topics including:  preparation for surgery, pain management, skill enhancement, past life regression, and weight management.

Like guided meditation or visualization, it generates a relaxed state that allows you access to information about unconscious blocks and limiting beliefs. If you have ever missed your exit on the freeway because you’re preoccupied, you’ve already been in trance; but a hypnotherapist gently guides your trance to explore and resolve issues that keep you from creating the life you want. My style empowers you to become a self-healer, providing tools that support your own internal processes, images and experiences.

Reiki, EFT, TAT and other energy work:

Reiki is a healing process based on light touch that unlocks the inner flow of healing energy between the sender and the receiver. Based on the Japanese words for Universal (Rei) and Life Force (Ki), Reiki is a gentle, natural healing system that benefits all life forms. Balancing your body’s energy makes you more comfortable physically and emotionally. This not only improves how you feel, but also enhances your awareness of your own internal wisdom as a source of growth and change.

EFT and TAT are  common-sense, rapid and effective healing practices based on stimulating the energy meridians used in acupuncture — but with gentle tapping or holding rather than with needles. These methodologies  have provided thousands of people with relief from chronic pain, disease and emotional issues. (A wide variety of EFT case studies can be found at The tapping or holding at specific, easily learned points, shifts dysfunctional energy patterns that cause a wide range of physical and emotional pain. Particularly effective with eliminating cravings and phobias, it’s a simple process that’s easy to learn.

A Reiki master, I also hold a certification in meridian energy therapies like EFT and TAT.  I often weave these modalities into my coaching for personal development.  If desired, I can structure concentrated applications of these healing and balancing techniques to meet your needs.