What Clients Say

Cambodian Apsara

“Suzanne’s coaching is deep and wise and seamless. She has shown me a whole different side of myself and has taken me on amazing travels to inner lands where I have discovered valuable treasures and which have connected me with unexpected rivers of creativity and imagination. There has also been powerful mentoring and co-creating of interventions and I will be forever grateful for the faith i felt Suzanne has in me. I looked forward to our sessions as if I was going for dinner with a close old friend, never knowing if we’d end up laughing or crying or both. I am grateful to have crossed paths with such a wise, kind, generous and witty soul. This part of the journey has been transformational, I’ll come back for more.”
—MdeC, Paris, France

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Across the Bosphorus

“Suzanne is an excellent relationship coach. She coached my three siblings and me on the subject of how to best support our parents as they age and navigate illness. None of my siblings had ever been coached before and were skeptical about what it would be like and how we would benefit. Suzanne was incredibly good at making everyone feel comfortable and yet keeping us focused and moving forward. She was creative, confident and flexible and her sense of humor kept it light but impactful. We all learned a lot about each other’s perspectives and came to a set of agreements that has formed a wonderful foundation for our working together and supporting each other and our parents. When my father died, Suzanne’s coaching made a HUGE difference in the way we were able to show up and work together and how we are now supporting my Mom. I will be forever grateful to her for her help during this difficult and stressful time.

Suzanne also is incredibly skilled with the tools of relationship coaching. As a colleague in systems coaching work I often turn to her to help me when I have a client with a particularly difficult relationship issue. She is very skilled at coaching me around tools and techniques to use in my own coaching practice. I frequently refer people to Suzanne and recommend her without hesitation.”
LF, Winchester, MA

“I had battled for 10+ years with my stomach problems and had tried anything and everything to sort it out but to no avail. Then, after just a couple of sessions with you, I can’t describe how much better I feel. Additionally, my block about speaking French has all but disappeared thanks to your work.

It’s like a weight has been lifted off me. I’m finally starting to “get out of my own way”. You are very gifted and I am very happy and lucky I got to “meet you” by Skype. My deepest thanks to you.”
DC, Paris, FR

Kyoto Bridge

“I contacted Suzanne in April 2010 when I heard about her world work project through the CRR Global’s certification program. I was excited to learn more about her coaching of a person’s inner roles or “who is driving the bus” (if you will!)  Suzanne connected with me immediately and we spent some time together discovering and rediscovering exciting information from within my unconscious mind and body.

With Suzanne’s coaching I was able to access vital information about myself that has locked away inside of me. Now with this knowledge I have proven time and again that I can utilize different aspects of myself when required. Thus handling situations in different ways with happier outcomes.  I cannot acknowledge Suzanne enough for digging deeper into the ORSC tool of Inner Roles. Her quest for more knowledge about this area in each of us is like a window into the soul.
KH, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

“I have been a coaching client of Suzanne’s for the past several years. The experience has been transformative for me. Suzanne is compassionate, intuitive, caring and wise. She has steadfastly held the space of love and healing for me through all of the significant transitions and transformations I have made in my life recently. I eagerly look forward to my regular coaching sessions with Suzanne and hope that our working relationship will continue for many years to come.”
KS, Piedmont, CA

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“Thank you for showing me the light in so many directions. Your loving spirit, natural intuition and gracious knowledge have allowed me a place to expand and seek my own direction. I am truly blessed with success, joy and peace in my life. From my heart to your heart thank you.”
TH, Roseville, CA

“Suzanne’s love of her profession is infectious. I appreciate her so much for what I feel is an essential approach to coaching that embraces our human-ness. Her teaching has enhanced my skills as a therapist. All too often we focus on illness/weakness and problems. Any therapist will become more effective from the emphasis on growth, strength and optimism that her training provides.”
CH, Benicia, CA